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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Society (BTES) Membership Terms:

There are two categories in order to be a member of the Society; master membership and honorary membership.


Master Membership: Lecturers and researchers, executives and owners of industrial enterprises working in the biomedical field, and students with at least an M.Sc. degree with thesis studies focusing on biomaterials and tissue engineering or related fields can become a member after the approval of the board.

Honorary Membership: For those who served, worked, and produced in, and contributed to the advancement of biomaterials and tissue engineering fields, recommendation of our members and the approval of the Board are required.

Dear Biomaterials Researchers, 

Recently, due to the announcements regarding BIOMED2018-TR Symposium, we have received a large number of membership applications to our Society. These young researchers applying are depositing the membership fee and attaching their bank statements to their applications. Although this interest pleases us, we have to remind all that one of the prequisites for applying for memberhip to our Society is "to be an academic member or researcher in biomaterials and tissue engineering field, an executive or owner of an industrial enterprise working in the biomedical field, or a student who earned their Master's degree (at least) with thesis studies focused on biomaterials and tissue engineering or related fields". Applications of candidates who meet these requirements are evaluated by the Board, and only after Board approval the candidates become members of our Society. Unfortunately, due course of law, undergraduate students cannot apply for membership. Therefore, we would like to draw attention to the fact that when applying, MEMBERSHIP FEE SHOULD NOT BE DEPOSITED WITHOUT FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS of "Master's Degree (at least)" and "Board approval". Applicants who deposited the membership fee without fulfilling these requirements should contact BIOMED2018-TR organizing comittee and inform them about their choice of accepting the fee as symposium participation fee or receiving a refund.

Kind Regards,

BTES Board


Membership Requirements:


  • Application form (signed) (scanned, pdf)

  • Photograph (jpeg or tiff)

  • Copy of identity card (scanned, pdf)

  • Detailed address information (Home address, work address, e-mail, phone number, fax number)

  • For students, detailed educational background information (University, department, thesis title, graduation, information on ongoing theses (if any))

  • For non-students, a short resume

Membership Fee:

Membership Fee is ₺120 for 2023. (Honorary members are exempt of membership fee)

Payment Information:

Turkiye Is Bankasi Besevler / Ankara Branch (Branch Code 4219)

IBAN No: TR60 0006 4000 0014 2190 9583 46

Account Owner: Biyomalzeme ve Doku Muhendisligi Dernegi.

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